Amee Calloway works

  • Amee Calloway works on Stretched Canvas

    Amee was born and raised in Alabama, where she first discovered the passion to paint.

  • She is a self -taught artist experimenting with acrylics, but always mixing in different mediums for texture and depth.  Her process involves balance
    and connectivity without following any set rules.  Taking inspiration from Fashion and Design means that her art is always evolving and exploring new ground.
    Amee graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and now applies that by selling something as personal as Art.  She partners
    with designers and boutiques across the country to create pieces that bring joy to the home and work place.  Involving the client in the creative process whenever possible allows her to
    create the perfect piece to evoke happiness.

    Amee now resides in Dallas with her husband and three boys.  She enjoys painting in her home studio between sports and bedtime!