Benjamin Heller (BooBooSketch) Works

A Connecticut boy who grew up in a creative family in the rural area of Uncasville, Benjamin decided to follow the sun to Boca Raton, Florida, where he could continue to be close to the coast.

Ben drew as a child, but didn't take his talent or art seriously until he was in his early 20's.  He explains, "I started drawing tattoo designs and it took my interest in art to another level.  I had to pick the paintbrush back up so I could add color to the drawings and started working and experimenting with different mediums and techniques.  For me, it was like an awakening, a freedom."  Ben began to develop his contemporary style of art.

An energetic person who has a passion for travel, exploring and outdoors adventure, Ben regularly creates color-inspired, eclectic, upbeat paintings, which are a reflection of who he is.  "The nature of my work varies and this series of paintings seemed to come about by accident, as much of my work does.  I was experimenting and what transpired suited me just fine."

Here is a refreshing example of a contemporary artist who is neither a cynical or clinical artist.  Ben paints and draws from his home in Boca Raton where he is inspired by a lifestyle of movement and freedom.