Carisha Davis Works

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After she graduated college and moved back to Dallas to work and go to grad school, her inner creative bug really started to bite. It had always been there, masked as merely a hobby. She was an English teacher and athletic coach by day, but was spending the rest of her time restoring and redesigning old things, decorating spaces, and creating art and home decor. It was one day when a dear friend trusted her design gifting and asked her to lead the design of her son's nursery, that it became a reality to her that this was her calling, not just a hobby. Once the project was completed, that friend and her husband challenged her to consider turning her hobby into a business endeavor, an unspoken dream and prayer that had been in her heart for ages. And so she did. And the rest they say is history. Carisha founded Ahava Home in 2013.

Carisha may have studied and been immersed in education, but she has always been an artist. She is a self-taught abstract artist who believes that her lack of formal art training gives her space to break the rules and just create beautiful art. She describes her artwork as a story book on a canvas, raging with versatility and artistic expression.

While she may be a business woman and artist these days, her passion for education is still very much alive. Carisha still has the pleasure of inspiring and teaching art to young students in the Dallas area.

I stepped out in faith and Ahava Home is what has evolved from God's provision and a leap of courage. To say that I am beyond grateful is an understatement. It is the greatest blessing to be able to do what I have always dreamed of doing. I started with a little $5K investment and a prayer. It started out as the scariest endeavor, yet has evolved into the most invigorating journey. Has it been easy every step of the way? Absolutely not. There have been days when I wanted to shut it down and sell it all in a yard sale and call it a day. But in those moments, I have to remember my ‘why’ and my purpose:  to create and design beautiful things.”