Jessica M. Chaix

Jessica was introduced to plastic arts at a very young age in her hometown school in Chihuahua, Mexico.Early on, she began experimenting with a variety of painting and drawing techniques.

As a young artist, she moved to Monterrey to more deeply pursue her interests in the arts. She earned a bachelor’s degree at the Instituto Tecnológicoy de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, while simultaneously continuing her artistic studies.

In 2001, she moved to Dallas to expand her art skills, experiment with different techniques, materials, textures and search for personal growth as an artist.Since moving to Texas, Jessica has been featured in multiple art exhibitions and has been recognized by local and international organizations as an artist showcasing her multi-cultural background and experiences in her artwork.

To this day, Jessica continues to explore and experiment with new techniques, allowing her to refine her personal style and differentiate herself in the artist community. Jessica has artwork available for purchase and can also create customized pieces as well. Visit her Facebook page under Jessica M Chaix.