Kristen Glass Works

kristen dowd

Alabama native Kristen Kilian Glass is a Dallas based abstract and portrait artist known for her saturated blends of handmade watercolor paint. As an interior Designer, she found that her clients were repeatedly commissioning her for custom artwork, which is her true passion, and the business began.

Kristen hails from a long line of family artists yet decided to major in Business at TCU. After working in finance for several years, her creative entrepreneurial spirit won out and she started Gypsy Soul Interiors in 2007.
Kristen's design and creative aesthetic is a perfect blend of the refined elegant Southern style of her mother and the wild and adventuresome spirit of her father

"My work is very representative of my emotions and memories. You can read my mood through the technique, color and style of each individual piece. Most of my paintings have intricate back stories that I love sharing with my customers. I am fortunate to be a wife, a mom, to work in an industry I love and to live in the great state of Texas!”