Michal Anderson Works


Michal was born in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Washington. At an early age he moved to Southern California where he spent early childhood and received his Bachelors of Science from San Diego State University.  As a young adult he served in the United States Army, later travel throughout the United States, Europe, the Mediterranean, Mexico and the Caribbean, somehow evidently settling in his beloved North Texas homeland (Fort Worth area).  However he has continued to travel and explore his passion for the art of photography.   His curiosity and passion for natural art, the art of color, art and physics and forces of nature are illustrated in his photographic works.

 One will notice Michals' photographs, individually, are “one and only one” event(s), hard or seemly impossible to recreate.  His photo’s give the viewer a chance to observe a fleeting moment, but a moment our entire Universe demands must happen. Those who are too busy to pause and see the beauty of what is all around us hopefully are charmed by one or more of his photos.

 His works are sometimes playful, often thought provoking. When contemplated his photographic work reveals his aim is to catch a solitary moment often is missed by most but has a relationship when studied exposes the oddities and connections we are all surrounded by. .  

 Michal’s photo’s are by themselves a presentation or combination of odd, sometimes funny, other times uncommon, surprising images illustrating the life, energy, creation, and motion surrounding us all. Earths’ curious scenes come to life in his photography. The imagines are designed to help the viewer capture seldom viewed or considered wonderment and amazement.  The viewer then has the freewill to make the causal or logical relation sequence using their own creativity.  Michal photos provoke a simple but riveting freedom of choice for us all to take a deep breathe and view  Earth most rewarding sights and explore unguarded treasures.