Hi Sugarplum just made us blush!

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Hi Sugarplum! just made us at CanvasKick slightly blush. Men, Hi Sugarplum is a fashion & DIY blogger with over 45,000 followers on Instagram, and over 150,000 readers online. Ladies, y'all know her...if not, you're welcome for the intro.

Hi Sugarplum! Blog
Hi Sugarplum! Instagram

Back in March we were pinged that some info was just posted about us online. That'll catch your attention no matter who you are. We were delighted to learn it was Hi Sugarplum! with some kind words about us.

Dara Burriss provided an original that fit Hi Sugarplum!'s "One Room Challenge" perfectly! Ever since Hi Sugarplum! won the challenge, Dara has been hounded about her work; All I Need is a Miracle. In the last 2 weeks, this product has been ordered 15 times. Paper, giclee, giclee w/ handpoured resin. It's been a popular one.

On to the article we are so thankful for....Hi Sugarplum, you've made us feel like celebs for the week!
"Look for Less | Showpiece Art"

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