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Posted by Travis Stein on

We Proud Americans at CanvasKick just added a new app from Uploadery which allows the user, you, the loved customer to crop your image to fit the sized canvas properly.  For those of us older than a Millenial, it may be tricky....but if you follow the steps below it's as easy as drinking a beer while eating a hotdog and listening to Lee Greenwood.  Follow the step by step process below for uploading a file to CanvasKick.

Step 1:
Select your Canvas size

Step 2:
Click Browse to locate your photo

Step 3:
Select that award winner

Step 4:
Crop and size your image as you would like it to appear on the custom canvas. Then click the green check

Step 5:
Save your file by clicking the Save Disk

Step 6:
You'll see that your file is uploaded

Thanks for your business and do not hesitate contacting the good Americans at CanvasKick!


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