What do you get for the Man that has Everything??

Posted by Travis Stein on

A popular search this year has been "what to get the man that has everything". At CanvasKick, we solve problems. Our panel of 14 females and 16 males (Odee Employees) were presented with the following line of questions:

1- Does your loved one own a YETI Colster or YETI Lowball?
2- What are you getting them for Christmas this year?

This is where it got interesting.  After question 1, it was either a confident/ cocky response of "yes", a quick "yes" w/ an uncontrollable smile, or a wishful "not yet". When question 2 was dropped there was a look of fear with a long hesitation....

Next we offered them this:

3- What if you could give them a Custom wrap for their YETI?

The place went wild. Before Steve Holland knew it, he was embraced by Sarah with as much force as a Polar 115 Guillotine. The women in the shop screamed. Bossman Jay Atkinson took one look at Steve Holland and high fived Travis Stein. Travis Stein high fived the pressman that was sitting next to him. Prepress Travis high fived his computer. But when the Custom Wrapped YETI's were displayed to the panel, that's when CanvasKick's' plan really started to work. Bindery high fived warehouse employees. Vendors showed up and high fived estimators. A letterpressman high fived his tools. The Donnelly-twins high fived each other. And the women's auxiliary high fived the Benevolent Order of Antelopes. And CanvasKick just sat back and enjoyed what he created. A complete and total High-Five-A-Rama.

Custom Wraps for your YETI Colsters and Lowballs.

Merry Christmas,

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