So what can I do with a Free Canvas from CanvasKick?

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Congrats, you just received your free canvas from CanvasKick. Now, what to do with're probably much more creative than our team here at CanvasKick...we just know how to print. Let's discuss how a few of our CanvasKickians have used their free canvases.

  1.  Fold it up and put it in your wallet or purse. Seriously, when have you ever been able to pull a canvas out of your purse or wallet? "What's that, you want to see a picture of my family? My phone screen isn't big OR worthy enough to show off such a great fam, look at my 10x10 of them."
  2. Staple or glue it to your
  3. Glue a crafty rope/ string to the top corners and hang it. There you go, now you're almost as crafty as Cassie from HiSugarPlum!
  4. The canvas even looks good behind glass or a glassless frame.

Share the ways you have used your free canvas from CanvasKick in the comment section below or on Instagram with the tag #canvaskick
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